Thursday, 8 July 2010

If she just ate fish!

After seeing this post of Mina's, I've been inspired to actually post this photo I took about 2 months ago while in Roskilde. Sadly, this isn't the only establishment in Denmark that I've seen this. That's smoked salmon as part of a 'vegetarian brunch' just there.

I'm sick of people saying that "Danish vegetarians eat fish." Somebody who eats fish, but not meat or poultry is a pescetarian, it's a 'semi-vegetarian' diet. No classification of a vegetarian eats fish or poultry, they are still animals. A well-known restaurant in Tivoli once told my husband that it would be easier if "she just ate fish" after he rang them to ask if they could do anything for me as a vegetarian.

I feel so incredibly sorry for any vegans in Denmark. Vegetarianism is no longer some kind of marginalised diet or fad. Oh Denmark you've got so far to go!


  1. So true. I once made a dish with shrimps for my grandmother's bridge club, and they were all "oooh, a vegetaaarian dish, how exciting!". DIdn't have the heart to break it to them.

  2. Yeah, the fish thing seems to be the biggest hurdle. I keep getting questions about whether or not I really believe that fish have a soul. Even after I explain that it's still a living creature, I get this just total lack of understanding.. Often with a very rude attitude.

  3. sometimes i do my boyfriend a favour and make a fish dish but his reaction is usually the same; "...i was kinda hoping for some meat." what the hell do you think that is, mycoprotein?! lmaooooo. oh, those silly danes and their meatsies. we know how to do it in california. (;

  4. I reckon they get confused between vegetarian and vegan too - you can pay unfeasible amounts of kr for a 'vegetarian' sandwich amounting to a few limp vegetables in a bun