Monday, 28 December 2009

Homemade Pasta

We had to exchange a xmas gift as we were given two Peugeot pepper grinders. We've been looking for a pasta maker for some time and now we had the chance to get a nice one that we didn't have to pay for :)

As a rule I make pasta as 1 + 1 = 1 meaning 1 cup flour + 1 egg = 1 serving. By cup I mean a 250ml cup. Basically you just multiply this recipe by how many people you need to serve.

Plain Pasta
serves 1

1 cup plain flour
1 M/L egg
dash olive or vegetable oil

In a large bowl, Add flour.
Make a well in the centre. Add egg & oil.
Using a fork, Whisk egg & oil.
Slowly start whisking in flour.
When it becomes too much to use a fork, Use your hands.
Knead until it becomes a workable ball that isn't sticky.
You may need to add a little extra flour.
Place ball in a freezer bag or wrap it in plastic.
Place it in the fridge for an hour or two.
Letting it rest will help reduce 'spring back'.
*You can do these steps without a maker, using a rolling pin and knife instead, but it's much more work*
Roll out until about 1mm thick and there are no visible bumps.
Using your maker's cutting mechanism, Cut into desired type.
*OR using a knife cut into desired type*

After mastering a plain pasta you can try experimenting with all kinds of dried herbs, spices & flavours.

Tomato & Chili - serves 1
2 t tomato paste, 1 t chili flakes plus an extra 1/4 - 1/2 cup flour.
Add all after kneading the plain dough a little.

Tomato & Chili pasta cut into spaghetti & tagliatelle.

...with some garlic lightly sautéed in white truffle oil.

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