Sunday, 13 December 2009

Beetroot Hummus

Beetroot Hummus
200g tin chickpeas, drained
25g tin beetroot slices
2 tbsp+ lemon juice
1 clove garlic
100ml tahini paste
1 t sweet paprika
dash olive oil

Combine chickpeas, beetroot, lemon juice, garlic, tahini in a processor.
Process to a creamy puree.
Add oil little by little until it reaches desired consistency.
Season to taste.
Serve sprinkled with paprika.


  1. sounds fantastic love beetroot!

  2. wow, what a great idea! where did you get the idea?

  3. Hi Mina :)
    Back in Sydney I was in love with this Beetroot Tzatziki. My Tzatziki making skills aren't quite up there yet so I thought I'd it tried with Hummus.

  4. I keep meaning to make this. Looks really good.